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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dancing on Ice

In this series of Dancing on Ice, the live shows are so long that they actually overlap with the next episode, creating a never-ending loop of ice dance where the only way of discerning between episodes is whether Holly Willoughby has got her boobs on display or not.

BUT Dancing on Ice uses a brilliant formula - take a boring show (Strictly Come Dancing) and make it 2x more exciting by putting it on ice.


But why stop there? Many rubbish shows could be infinetly improved by simply moving the exisiting format to a more dangerous location.


MasterChef - ON STILTS
All contestants - plus judge John Turrode - are forced to cook whilst balanced on stilts, equipped with extra-long cooking utensils and cutlery. Only Greg is allowed to sit on a giant high chair.

The X Factor - IN LIMBO
Singers voted out are sent directly to Hell, while winner's are granted a place in Heaven. This would explain why beautiful angel Matt Cardle was crowned winner and evil Gamu was dispatched as soon as possible.

Loose Women - ON THE M6
Self explanatory.

Cash in the Attic... IN AN ATTIC
The whole show takes place in presenter Angela Rippon's own attic. Minimum lighting adds to the atmosphere while Angela controls the sole torch. No one is allowed to leave the attic for the duration of the program. The logo would look exactly like this:

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